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To ensure that everything is covered legal, you have the opportunity to read the terms and conditions and our house rules or you can download it to your PC.

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Terms and conditions

1. Contract, payment
Registration can be by telephone, orally, in writing or by e-mail. The contract between the tenant and the owner is complete, when the signed contract is received by the owner. The conclusion of the lease is binding if we have communicated the duration and price of accommodation in writing to you.
The tenant has to pay within 14 days of signing the contract a deposit of 20% of the total net rent. The balance must be paid locally in cash. The owner reserves the right, in the case of late payments from the lease. The owner is then entitled to make a compensation claim, after the packages in accordance with section 7 of this agreement. If the signed contract or the deposit is not reached to the owner until date agreement, the owner can without further notice and without being liable, lease the property otherwise.

Bankdetails of the owner:
Friedrich Marquetand
Volksbank Kraichgau
Account number: 146 004 903
Bank sort code: 672 922 00

2. Additional costs
The additional costs (such as electricity, gas, heating, etc.) are included in the rent. Excluded is the bedding and pet cleaning (if necessary). Linen can be purchased for a rental fee, when a pet is housed, the cleaning must be paid.

3. Transfer of the leased property; complaints
The leased property is transferred to the tentant in clean contractual condition. If at the handover defects are present or if the inventory is incomplete, the tentant shall immediately notify the owner. Otherwise, the property is passed in perfect condition. If the tenant take the object too late or not at all, the full rental price is payable, unless it finds a new tenant in the specified period.

4. Arrival and departure
The journey takes place on the first day booked at the earliest time at 15:00 o’clock. Should you arrive later than 18:00 o’clock, this must be agreed in advance. The key handovers take place by appointment. If the rental exception is not available at 15:00 o’clock, the tenant can not make any claims for compensation.
On departure the apartment must be vacated at 10:00 o’clock in the morning. With the consent of the owner the time of departure can be laid back. The owner reserves the right to invoice a late departure.
The apartment must be left clean and tidy on departure. The dishes, glasses, etc. are to clean. Furthermore, the bins must be emptied and the fridge cleared.

5. Number of people
The maximum number of people (3) is not floating to the top.

6. Animals
If you wish to bring a pet, please inquire prior your reservation either through our contact form on our website, by e-mail (ferienwohnung@marquetand.eu) or call 0 71 38 / 690 34 56

7. Careful use
The Tenant agrees to use the leased property with care, observe the house rules and be considerate towards the other residents and neighbors. For any damage, etc., the owner must be informed immediately. The property must be occupied by the number of persons specified in the contract. Sub-letting is not allowed. The tenant shall take care that the roommate commitments fulfill this contract. Should the tenant or roommate in a flagrant violation of the obligations of careful use, or is the apartment occupied by more than the contractually agreed number of persons, the owner may terminate the contract without notice or compensation.

8. House rule
Tenants are obliged to abide the house rules. The house rules being displayed in the rented premises or on the website www.ferienwohnung.marquetand.eu, it can be viewed or downloaded in advance.

9. Return of the leased property
The property is to return on schedule in good condition.
For damage and missing inventory, the tenants is liable to pay compensation.

10. Nullification
The tenant may withdraw at any time from the contract under the following conditions:
45 days prior to arrival … 10% of rental
44 days to 33 days before arrival … 30% of rental
32 days to 22 days before arrival … 60% of rental
21 days to 12 days before arrival … 80% of rental
11 days before arrival to arrival … 90% of rental

Replacement tenant: The tenant has the right to propose a replacement tenant. This must be solvent and acceptable for the owner. He enters into the contract with the existing conditions. Tenants and replacement tenant jointly and severally liable for the rent.
Decisive for the calculation of the cancellation fee is the arrival of the notification to the owner (for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays shall be the next business day). In case of premature rent abort the full rental price is payable.

11. Force majeure
Force majeure (natural disasters, force of nature, acts of government, etc.), unforeseeable or unavoidable events or the continuance of the rental, the owner is entitled (but not obliged) to offer the tenant an equivalent property to the exclusion of compensation. If the accomplishment can not be provide or not be paid in full extent, the amount paid or the relevant proportion thereof shall be refunded to the exclusion of further claims.

12. Liability
The tenant ensure proper booking and contractual accomplishment of the contract. For other than personal injury, liability is limited to two times rent, unless that there was gross negligence or willful misconduct. Liability is excluded for failures on the part of the tenant or co-user, unforeseeable or unavoidable omissions of third parties, force majeure or events which despite all due care, could not foresee or forestall the owner or other persons called in by the owner. The tenant is liable for all damages caused by him or joint user.

13. Written form
Changes and additions to this contract must be in writing. This also applies to the change in the previous sentence.

14. Severability clause
If any provision of this Agreement be or become invalid or should be in the contract an omission, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Instead of the invalid provision or to fill the gap, an appropriate regulation occurred, to the extent legally possible comes closest to what the parties had intended or the purpose of this contract would have intended if they had considered the matter.

15. Applicable law and jurisdiction
German law is applicable. The exclusive jurisdiction of the location of the property is agreed.


House rules

Dear guests!

You spend your vacation in a private apartment. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday in our holiday home.
The following house rules should be a support for a harmonious stay. We have also listed some rules, we hope, they will find your understanding. By a proper treatment of the apartment you help us for the future, to provide a beautiful apartment.

If you miss something in the facility or need help, please contact to us with confidence.
All things that are in the apartment, or belong to that, can and should be used by the guests. Please be carefully to the entire facility and the inventory and handle the property with care. Please also bear concern for the fact that even your fellow passengers comply with the terms. Especially your children, you shall ensure that they behave in accordance with the house rules and be careful in the property. We assume no liability!
You also help the environment’s sake to save water as well as mineral oil and avoid unnecessary power consumption.

For the cleaning of the apartment during your stay you are responsible. The necessary equipment we provide to you. Also you will find a set of free supplies (detergent, 1 dishcloth, 2 x tea towels, toilet paper) that are not further completed by us.

For your laptop a high-speed wired internet access is available. To use it, it requires the prior written agreement. Then you get a setup guide upon arrival.

In the kitchen sink, the toilet, the washbowl, the shower do not waste leftovers, harmful fluids, or something else! Avoid anything that can lead to blockages (no toiletries in the bathroom).

Please note that dishes be allowed back into the cabinets in a clean state. The same applies to cutlery, pots and equipment that you have used. Otherwise, we are forced to ask for an allowance.

To the smoker:
Smoking is not allowed in our apartment. Damage such as burn marks and holes in or on furniture, flooring, bedding, tablecloths, etc., have the consequence, that we have to charge you for the replacement value into account. This is not included in the rent. At the door, however, can be smoked!

Please dispose of any hygiene products and leftovers in the toilet.

Rest periods:
In the spirit of good neighborliness, we please you that from 22:00 p.m. till 7:00 a.m. and from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the calm is observed.

No one intentionally damaged things, but it can happen to anyone, that once something breaks. We would appreciate if you let us know the damage thing.

Duty of care:
You are responsible for the entire rental period. Windows and doors must be closed when leaving the apartment to avoid the result from severe weather. Close the window when you leave the apartment and always close the door. We won’t take any liability of burglary or theft! Please take care when leaving the apartment, also ensure that all lights are turned off – environment and owners are grateful to you! Leave the apartment keys not in the apartment when you leave the house! From the outside, the door can not be opened without a key. The owner is not liable for valuables of the tenant.

Check out:
When you leave the apartment, it should look like you have found this upon arrival, except for the final cleaning. The following tasks have to be done by you as a tenant:

1. Please dispose of any leftover food, especially empty the refrigerator and the freezer and turn it off afterwards. The refrigerator door should be left open a little bit.
2. Wash the dishes and put the dishes dry on its intended place.
3. Dispose of your household waste from all the garbage cans into the provided trash cans.
4. During the heating season, set the radiator valves between 2 and 2.5.
5. Close all windows.
6. Turn off all electrical appliances that you have turned on.
7. Leave the apartment clean and tidy.
8. If you have not already done so, show us all losses and damages to the apartment and the facilities.
9. Close the door and give us back all the received key.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation.
For questions we are at your disposal.

With the booking of the holiday, we assume, that the house rules are recognized.